Monday, July 24, 2017

Goodness, the summer is flying by so quickly!

 Isaiah and Denali went to an amazing camp for kids who have been in foster care and / or adoptions.  They were spoiled rotten, but the thing that made the whole week worth it, beyond them being treated so well, was that they came back talking about how they related to so many kids, talking about bioparents making bad choices, but still being good people, and how they could really understand each other so well, as they have walked in the same shoes.  Amazing and so thankful for such great experiences.
 The kids said see you later to Quinn and I and the girls had to have their moment to love on each other.
 Then Buttercup and Quinn loved on each other like crazy all week,
while sharing in their sadness of having the other two gone for the week.

 Quinn and I continued meeting with folks to work on getting her chair into better positions and make more things work right.  She is also working on driving.  With a new chair, it's totally new figuring how how to drive it, and she is very cautious on driving.  So we are working hard.
 We are also working on getting her computer back into the right position for her to talk with it.  Again, this is a work in progress.  I have to say baby steps are so important, and I can not explain how long it take to get the chair, while it also take time to get things set up and going, along with practicing to get her driving and so on.  So we are patient, we are hard working, and we are improving and so thankful to be where we are, and look forward to more practice.
 All that work is exhausting!
 Then we finally got to pick up the kids from camp.  I was a camp counselor and it was hard work, and such fun work, so I have such mad respect for these counselors who work so hard to help my kids grow and develop into amazing people.

 Denali got the Flexible character trait, which is so true.  She is good at figuring out how to help with situations, and she is so good at being able to change up her plans and her thinking to make things work for everyone involved.  She is a very flexible kids.

Isaiah got the Gentle Spirit character trait.  This was told to us for him from another camp he was at this summer as well.  He is such a kind hearted sweet kid.  He wants everyone to be included, he wants everything to be as fair as possible, and he is so open hearted.  He is a wonderful kid, and I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

Quinn did not attend this camp, but just to add on, she would have to get a determined character trait, as she continues to work so hard and be so patient with her new chair and getting it going.  She is also so in love with her siblings, by the end of the week, she was sick, and in hind site, I think her heart was breaking she was missing her brother and sister so much.  As once we picked them up, she did not act sick at all after that.

We are so lucky to have these three kids in our lives.  They are so much work, and so expensive, but so worth it, and we are so thankful!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another busy summer week has flown by.
We started by dropping Isaiah off at Science Camp.
We stopped by Mahoney first and did some golf and peddle boats.

 That was a fun morning!

 I did good to wear them out.  Then we dropped Isaiah off.  He is not my picture kiddo, so I did not make him take any pictures.

 So it was a girls week at home, especially when dad was at work.
 Nurse Amanda, Quinn and Denali had a slumber party.  Well that was the plan until Quinn fell asleep 15 minutes into the fun.  She is usually up a few hours with Amanda, but when they plan for a night of fun, she was so excited she did not take a nap during the day, and missed most of the fun.
 Here is what I woke up to, two girls sound asleep in the living room.  If you look the dog was also sound asleep with them.
 We still did our therapy sessions.
 and before we knew it, we were picking Isaiah up from camp.  Here is a favorite counselor.  He had fun.  His highlights were Worlds of Fun, swimming, Gaga ball, and spending time learning about God.
 Then back to Saturday Soccer, friends, bible studies, and lots of love.

Oh we love love love summer!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

well another few busy days.
A second short time at camp for Quinn.
This time it was just Quinn at camp.
Denali and Quinn gave each other some love, and we were off.
 We drove up to Pierce to pick up my parents, and we were off to Valentine.  
The landscape was beautiful!
We got up early the next morning to canoe down 8 miles of river.

 It was great to go during the week, when it was not so busy, but wow it was warm!

Isaiah rode with me part of the time and Denali did part of the time as well.

 We got to explore Smith Falls, which was beautiful and so much cooler!  
The water was crystal clear and it was such a nice break from the heat.

 Valentine was fun!  Exhausting, but fun!
 Then it was back to pick up Quinn from camp.
She had a couple dance girls with her again, and that was good see.  
It is so good to be at Easter Seals camp.
 In just the few minutes we spend there, we see so much love and acceptance.  Those counselors are so kind and amazing.  Sometimes I see so much negative stuff in the world, but these moments and these people are a breath of fresh air.  Seeing them love and accept all the kids and campers and show them so much love is priceless.  I am so blessed to have Quinn in my life, and seeing these moments, along with other moments in our year, but this moment was beautiful!  Oh how we love Easter Seals and the counselors.  We will be looking forward to next year!
 Quinn got the Veteran Award, for being a pro at camp.

 Capturing a moment of holding hands, makes my heart so happy!  
Jenny, we are so thankful for you!
 Then back to Lincoln and Soccer.  Isaiah is a great little soccer player.
 Denali is in it for the snacks and to cheer her team on, but will get in there and do her best.

Oh fun times.  We love summer!