Sunday, March 18, 2018

Another day, another doctor appointment.
Quinn saw Dr. Martin, our heart doctor.  Every time she says Quinn is a little miracle and she is doing so much better then expected.  We believe God has a plan and we are thankful for her good health.  Dr. Martin went as far as to say things look better then last year, so we will take it and be grateful!

The girls were there for each other the whole time.
Even leaving, I was left in the dust.
Sometimes I think I am just along to drive,
and it warms my heart seeing them love each other.
 More dance practices, and we even got tears out of Miss Stephanie.  
Oh the dance is good!  So good!

 we had time for haircuts and oil changes, 7th grade doctor check up!  Ugg next year is 7th grade. 

 Got our toes done with Grandma.  Went walking around the mall.  Saw a movie.
Had our favorite foods.

We still have our foster kiddo, who also had appointments and fun experiences.
I found this saying on a friends page and had to share.
Even at church this Sunday, we talked about the courage it takes to have a family that is not the norm.
We don't do anything normal, and we are good with that.
It takes courage to do foster care, it's by far made our family the wonderful family it is and we are so thankful.
So we keep trying to do our best, we continue to be judged, we continue to be questioned, and
we continue to love all our kids up.
We are tired but we are trying to live a life that when we look back, we can say,
we did our part.  We know there is always more to do, but for now,
we feel like we are doing our part, and so we are grateful!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

 Here are some better pictures from our book costumes.

It was chick's week at school, so we had to go have some fun!

 This little chick, nested right into Quinn and just loved her up.
 Then our spring break started.  We have had lots of dance practice!
 While some of our friends are traveling all over, we are doing doctor appointments and therapies and such, but are so grateful to have this time to do those things.  We made a trip to Children's and had to throw our lucky pennies into the water.  Then just look at the lists of things we are doing this week.  We are trying to make fun lasting memories as well.

 Quinn also got some new hand braces.  We have not used them as much as I hoped, as we are both having allergies, but we are pulling through.

So we are off to more doctor appointment and therapy appointments and dance practices today, and are thankful for every one of them.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Isaiah and Denali both had competition today.
 The girls did great.

 Then the boys also did great.

 Grandma and Grandpa came and sat through hours of dances to see both of them dance as well.
 We celebrated afterwards.
 Then some of our other fun.  After Denali helped put in a new door handle, she had to act like a diva.  She has that down pretty good.

 We continue to work on our trio dance as well!  It is beautiful!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Well it is not the best picture.
Quinn was still asleep.
The girls hair is full of glitter which does not really match the theme of the book,
but can you tell what it is?
We have a pig, a farm girl, and a spider on a spider web.
Quinn will not have her black vest on for the parade, so you will see it better.
She also has a big spider on her shoulder.
 Quinn and the girls working so hard at therapy.  Quinn and I love this hour of the week.
 It's so exciting to see Quinn work so hard, and I learn so much on how to help her be her best.

The book for the girls character was Charlotte's web.
Our foster kiddo is Sam from sam I am with green eggs and ham, and it is also super cute.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Isaiah had his first dance competition and it went great.
He was a great leader for his team and did great.
In the picture below he is third from your left.

The boys did wonderful!

 Deanli's troop did a final run through before their first competition this next weekend.

 Getting a pep talk from Miss Stephanie and Miss Brighton

 A final practice.
 Quinn was missing her nurse last week, who was sick. So this week she has been taking afternoon naps to try to stay away and play with her night nurse.  Oh she is a smart one!
She was so excited to see Nurse Amanda again!

I have some great pictures with our foster kiddo, but can not post them.
I have to say it has been a lot of work helping him be his best.

It is all worth it when I see Denali snuggling and hugging him,
or see Isaiah crawling in bed with him to read him a book.
Quinn will chatter with him.  It makes my heart so happy to see them embracing him and loving him.

Our hope was to give back and teach our children how to give back to our community,
I can say it is happening.  Which is good because when John and I are tired, we can see it is paying off for our foster care kiddo and our own kids.

It was fun to hear Denali last weekend when we were in Omaha for Isaiah's dance competition.  We went by KVC, which is our foster care organization, and Denali pips up, Oh look, Omaha has a KVC, that makes my heart so happy to know they are helping kids here.

That made my happy to hear that makes her heart happy!
Oh I pray more people can pay things forward.  It is so good for all of us.
In fact someone paid for my coffee in front of me this morning.
Granted I know her and she is wonderful,
but it made my morning and I paid it forward for the car behind me.

Tomorrow is dress as your favorite book fair character, and the girls did great this year.
So be looking for that coming soon.

As well as more dance pictures.
The tri is practicing again tomorrow night.

OH mark your calendars for May 19th at 4:00
it is a short free concert with Dancing Beyond Limit's kids from Omaha and Lincoln.
Our trio will be dancing at it as well.
It is free and I don't know how you could leave without your heart feeling so happy!