Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This last week, Quinn had camp and then I took the other two up to Grandma's.
We had to do some playing.

 We also spent time with cousins and blew stuff up.

 Then we picked Quinn up.  The girls could not let each other go.

 We had the closing camp program and once again, I cried.  Having a child like Quinn who has the disabilities she does, do change how we do things.  We have to think about where we go out to dinner, is there going to be room for her chair?  We have to talk to her about why she does not get invited to over night parties.  We have to advocate for her quite a bit.  We have to be her nurse at times, and help her with her medical needs.  It is a lot at times.

These moments make up for all the work.  Seeing the acceptance from the campers, seeing the joy in friendships.  Having the counselors show 100% love for the kids, and my child.  We get to see the positive in the world, over and over.  Folks hold doors for us.  We get kind smiles, we get adults and kids come over to talk to Quinn about a book at the library, or ask great questions.  We do see so much good, but then places like her dance class, therapy sessions, or camp, are so much more then that.  We find the really good people.  The people who really are going to make a difference in the world.  I feel that love they give out and it fills my soul.  I see that love her counselor Jenny had for Quinn and I could not stop the happy tears from running down my cheeks.  It is such a powerful love that I see at camp.  I am so thankful for her two camp experiences.  I am so thankful for meeting Jenny.  I am so thankful for Easterseals.  It is a blessing for our family.

 Quinn was Queen of the Dock.  She loved hanging out by the water.
 We got home and she slept and slept and slept.
Camp wore her out.

So blessed for our lives, the direction we are going.
So blessed to see my kids love each other and miss each other.
So blessed for our support systems.
So blessed for Jenny and camp staff.

Life is not always perfect, but we sure see lots of beauty in our world, and we are grateful!

We just dropped Isaiah off at camp this week, and with dad working, we are going to have fun doing girls stuff this week.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

We got back from our short trip, and got back to work.
We were made aware of a situation where once again people with
complex equipment, such as Quinn's wheelchair or shower chairs and things like that,
the funds were going to be cut.
So we educated ourselves and talked to a few people who understood the situation,
and Quinn and Isaiah decided they wanted to stand up for these people with disabilities and help educate our senators.  I did not talk at all.
A few wonderful therapists talked, a few parents talked, a few other folks who care talked.
Then my kids talked.  Quinn used her Tobii computer to talk, and she did great, in fact she had a couple folks in the audience crying and got a big shout out from the audience when she was done.  Then Isaiah talked, and the senator told him, he was a hero.
Well done Isaiah and Quinn.  Well done.

 Denali wanted to tape herself, and share it with the senators, but she was away at camp, and loved it.  

We just picked up Quinn from camp, and I am figuring out my words, as it was again an amazing experience.  So I will be back on here soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

A short trip away from Lincoln was a surprise for our kids.  Our foster kiddo got to go home, and that was an experience.  I am so glad we did it for so many reasons, mostly I pray we made a difference in his life, because he made a difference in our life.

So we needed a refresher and a few moments to just enjoy each other.  So we went to Minnesota.  Hung out at the mall.

We started with breakfast with grandma and grandpa and were thankful they watched our dog.
 Then had dinner at the Mall of America.

 We had to have desert.

 Isaiah had to ride every rollercoaster.

 Denali stuck with the calmer rides.

 We played some golf

 Quinn's favorite part by far was riding the metro.

 happened upon the largest candy store in Minnesota.

 On the way home we stopped by family graves and cleaned them up and said some prayers.

Such a great reset for the summer!
Super quick but full of fun and love!
These years are flying by, and I am trying so hard to teach my kids
how to be good people while also giving them great experiences!
We are off to camp this week, and have a chat with some senators,
so more to come!
Happy Summer!