Friday, September 22, 2017

Quinn made it all week at school!
With her allergies, this time of year is a mess, but
she had a great week, and made it all the way through the week!
It's good she had a good healthy week, because we were busy!
Now that we have our new power chair, we are working on our back up manual chair.
I guess I should say, Chrissy is working on it.
I am pretty good at figuring things out, I just put in a new door handle, but that chair is beyond me.
Quinn saw Chrissy was working and decided to take a nap.
Isaiah decided he needed to photo bomb the picture.
So then Denali had to get in on the action too.

There was a lot going on, and Quinn slept through the entire thing.
She was not sure if Chrissy really worked on her chairs or not!
 Then we got ready for therapy on Thursday.
We were dropping off Denali at Dance, and we were all talking about our day.
Quinn said (through her Tobii) how she was done!  She wanted cake and a soda and she was done for the day.  I reminded her she had therapy, and she said, ok, that's my favorite!
So true Quinn!  It's a favorite part of my week too!  We are so grateful!
 They practice getting muscles to work, head control, grasping, gaining strength, and so much more.
Quinn works her tail off and tries so hard to make her muscles work right!

We sure are grateful for the team that helps us out!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Such a fun weekend.
When I told Quinn it was dance day, she was so excited!

 Denali was a partner.
 Isaiah was a partner.
 We also got to hang out with friends

 It was a wonderful afternoon!
I knew Quinn's allergies would act up and they did.
She came home from school early Monday and did not go back until Thursday, but she is all smiles today and feeling good.  I guess we better stay inside this weekend.
 After dancing we went to Husker Hero's.  Quinn fell asleep right when we got there.  When I say she puts everything into her dance, she does and she was done.  I shook her up to wake her up and she yelled at me, so I let her sleep!

 As soon as we got in the car after Husker Hero's, Quinn woke up and was all smiles again!

 I sure do have fun with my kids!  Parenting is first, but when they can handle it, we sure do have fun!

 So we packed a lot into a few days and in turn we were tuckered out!

 Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 8, 2017

We had a fun weekend.
There were these sunflower type weeds that grow around  our neighborhood.
I told the kids we should go take pictures.
Isaiah thought that was the craziest thing he had ever heard.
Denali was game!
Quinn is staying inside right now because her allergies are a mess.
Our new friend can not have his picture on the blog.

 Buttercup kept Quinn company!
Denali had to love her up too!

 Then the game happened.
I can say that my goal is to have Quinn do as much as my other kids do!
I try hard to make sure not to limit her experiences!
The Nebraska game is one thing that we could not make work.
It ends up Quinn had more fun with friends that night, then she would have at the game any way!
Good friends are so important, and good friends that understand Quinn are amazing!  We are blessed!

 Then we went to the game!  We had to listen to the band first.
Denali saw the clarinets!
 We found more hearts, husker game themed!  
 Then it was time for the game.

 Lots to watch!

 An evening game was fun watching it go from day to night, and the moon was so big, but does not look like it compared to the lights on the game.
 It was a fun night!  Thanks to Uncle Jerry for the tickets and our team watching our other two!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dance is starting!
John and Isaiah helped lay flooring yesterday so dance could start today!
 Denali tried out for the dance troup this year.  So we will have two in the troup!  It's going to be a busy dance season!  Quinn is hoping to have a dance for competition too!

So back to school, and now dance too.
Our schedule is now almost full!
Band starts in a month in the mornings, then we are good to go.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The girls in our family went to Salina's wedding.  She was Quinn's old nurse, who we loved!  She moved to South Kansas and so we road tripped it and had a lot of fun.  It was the weekend after school started, so we were tired, but we could not miss it.  Quinn really really really wanted to be there.
 The wedding was beautiful!  We threw paper airplanes when they left the church, that was fun.
 The girls were beautiful!  It's fun dressing up sometimes!

 We thought it was fun that we were driving through Salina, to go to Salina's wedding!
Then to top it off, the church was a block away from Douglas street, the groom!
It must be fate right?

 It was a great night!

 Love these pictures!  

So we started the 2nd week of school off on the tired side after a fun wedding!
This next weekend is going to be full of football and band music, so we are looking forward to another fun weekend, if Quinn's allergies can handle it!