Sunday, November 19, 2017

This was our first year to take part in the Miss Amazing pageant.
We were going to in the past, but this time of year is not always the best for Quinn.
This year we already did the antibiotics and all, and she is doing good.

We got there, and the girls got checked in.
They got their Miss Amazing shirts.
They met their buddies.

Quinn's buddies were Ylani (Ms. Cheyenne County) , and Phoenix (Miss Omaha)
They were so sweet and so interesting.
It's so fun to see who is willing to give of their time to 
help others.  
 It's also wonderful when you can go to things like this with friends.  
Oh it was fun to hang out with Carrie today. 
As the girls were both with their buddies and we got to hang out and relax part of the time.
 The day started for some of the girls practicing their talent.  Lili did great, Quinn did not do a talent this year.  We were just getting our feet wet this time.  Quinn started with interviews, she was not excited about that.  Then practicing getting up on the stage.  Honestly Quinn was not sure of this for the first part of the day.  She was very interested in watching everything but not doing much talking.
 Then it was on to getting her hair and makeup done.  She started getting more interested now.
How fun that one of my old students was there to help.  That was fun!
 Quinn's buddies helped with her makeup.

 Quinn in the program.
 Finally we started getting smiles.
 Lots of merchandise to get, crowns, clothing, this is a big deal!
 The buddies made sure to get pictures of me in there.

 We had the honor of hanging out with Lili, who won her devision!  She is amazing!
 Another shot with her buddies.
 One of her stage moments.

 Lots of great buddies there.
 I sure have fun taking pictures at these things.  
 Here is Quinn's group.  Finally she decided she liked the day and when she got her tiara, she busted out the belly laugh on stage.  It was wonderful to hear.
 and the night was over, and we headed out with great memories and a fancy tiara!
Thank you Miss Amazing!  Thanks for getting us to go Carrie and Lili!  Congratulations on your big win Lili.  Thank you to our buddies.  Thanks to all the participants, watching the girls in such a supportive environment was fun!  We are grateful for a wonderful day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We have lots of holiday dance performances coming up.
We are excited.
In turn, we are getting excited for holiday fun!
We are trying to be patient, but sometimes you just have to jump in!
 It's nice to see Quinn feeling good again, back into school and therapy.
I will get some dates on here if you want to get into the holiday spirit and see some dancing and lots of other holiday fun!


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Quinn got home in time to celebrate Halloween.

 We carved pumpkins

 Played with pumpkin guts.
 Isaiah showed me how he fits in my shoes.

 Quinn did not go out trick or treating, it was cold.  
 We have some fun pumpkins!
It's good to have everyone home, and now everyone is back to school!

Monday, October 30, 2017

At the beginning of the week last week, the kids were all doing great.
I had a nasty bug of some kind, but was working hard not to give it to Quinn.
 We did dance like regular.

The girls went to dance class in their costumes.
I could tell Quinn was not feeling super great, but was hoping it was allergies.

 Then we stayed home for a few days.  Also had a few trips to the doctors office.
I finally got my first weighted blanket done.
It was only 10 months late.
Isaiah gave me grace and was very excited to come home from school
and got to get it.

Isaiah got to his dance classes and got to wear his costumes.

Then Saturday morning, Quinn was not doing great, so we went back to the doctors, and
her doctor decided it was best we go to Children's for a few days.

 Denali had to come along, and those girls both needed each other!  I love how they love each other.
They had a slumber party.
 We did get out for a couple walks.
 Denali had to help Quinn with her therapy sessions.
 I'm not sure if the kids will all be together for Halloween or not, so I had to put them all together in a picture.
 This morning, things are looking good.  Numbers are good.
Quinn is smiling and we are thinking we will be going home tomorrow or Wednesday.
 I say it again and again, Children's Hospital is a wonderful  place.
We don't want to stay long, but it is a good place to be when we need to be here.