Monday, April 29, 2013

We played in the dirt!

 We planted flowers, notice the three little pots are the kids.  The rest will get spread out eventually around the outside of the house.
We added flowers around the house.  We did lots of yellow, because Quinn loves her yellow and everyone knows it.
Finally I started my project.  I am going to get a baby mattress and add it onto this, and I am still getting another piece of board and there will be a table type thing at the end.  Quinn will get to lounge around outside, and when she is not, I might be, or it will be the perfect cuddle station!  I am excited to get it finished.  I just ran out of time this weekend.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Our weekend was brought to you by the letter P!

We practiced writing sentences.

We ate pancakes and pizza.

We played and went to the park.

We did have some praying as well as some partying!

We also had some peaceful time, following some pouting.

We did pick up dog poop, as we needed to get some work done.

Finally we went through Phenobarbital withdrawl.

Oh withdrawls are not fun.  Quinn has been getting less and less of her one med for over 15 weeks, and we finally were officially done last Sunday, withdrawls are said to last about 15 days, so we are half way there.  We have seen shakes, had nightmares, woke up scared, hypersensitive, and not sleeping well.  I am going to be so thankful to be off this med, and have Quinn feeling good, rather then being so drugged or lack of being drugged.

We had quite a few other P things we were going to do, such as planting some plants, but it is to cold for that right now.

So until next time.

Oh, I did go to a consignment store and got a bunch of clothes.  As we don't have much summer stuff for all three kids, and I am a sucker for a dollar shirt or 5 dollar outfit, with Earth day and all, we are doing our best to reuse and all that.  So all three kids have some new/used summer duds.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quinn used her dynovox to say the pledge over the intercom at school on Friday.  Oh, I love the adults that work with her, and help educate everyone around her on how Quinn is so smart, and capable.  What a wonderful day!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I love Quinn's classmates, and her teachers being great models on how to include her in school activities.  She was playing cars with the boys and they made the track start on her leg, and would help her start the cars off on their journey.  Oh I am so thankful for the adult role models and the kids who love Quinn so.

Monday, April 15, 2013

 We had fun going to watch barrel races this last Saturday.  We met up with Chrissy, Amelia, and Miles.
 We were excited and all about watching in the beginning.
 The girls were so excited to hang out together again.
 We had so much fun.
 Then after a few horses, we started to figure out that playing in the dirt was more fun.

We tried to run over Quinn's Dynovox when it wiggled loose, but thankfully it still works just fine.  Quinn also had a doctor visit, and it went great.  Her doctor told us that he is ok with just seeing us two times a year now, and how good Quinn is doing.  I love those visits.  I'm also loving her chair, as we finally got it back and it is working so much better.  We always do something fun after a doctor visit and Quinn wanted to go shopping, and having a chair that runs at a good pace instead of a snails pace is so wonderful.

Friday, April 12, 2013

I love you mom, and you love me mom!
What more is there then that!

What a great note to come home to.
We've got some great kids!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

 We are still having so much fun, lots of work, but also lots of fun!

Quinn just keeps working hard at therapy!  We are so fortunate to have amazing therapists!  Oh keep your fingers crossed for us, Quinn's power chair is back in to get fixed and we are hoping that it is really fixed this time!  We will see what happens!
We have also had fun playing across the street from our house, as they are getting ready to sell new lots so we have been watching them smooth out land, and add sewer pipes, electric, all those things.  Quinn has loved going over all the big bumps and bouncing all over in her chair.  She will giggle with those bumps, and I love that noise.
This weekend was fun, as we went to the Nebraska spring game.  

                    We went down to the game early to let the kids all feel the excitement of the fans!  I think a favorite moment for all of us, was taking time out from all the pregame fun to simply find a patch of grass at the college and throw the footballs around!  That was one of my favorite moments of the day!

Our cousin Kaleb got to come down with Grandpa Steve, and take part in the fun as well, and it is always so good to see him!

                       There are so many fun things set up for everyone to do before the game!
      We got to see a fun happy lifetime moment at the game.  We got to see Jack ( a special 6 year old) make a touchdown for Nebraska.

and this one with the play by play.
check this out, it was an amazing moment!

Grandma and Grandpa Nelson were there with us.
Grandpa Steve, Kaleb and our other two were there too!  (again if you are new to our site, we can't post picts of our foster kids!)  The picture of them farther above does not show their face, and I am getting better at getting those pictures.  What a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

 What a hard worker we have.  Quinn continues to improve on her rolling and moving.  We just need to keep practicing, as she keeps getting bigger and then there is more for her to hold up and work.  As it is with everyone.  So we will keep practicing and being thankful for every roll she completes.  Watching her figure out her muscles and what needs to mover here or there, what to do with her arms, how to kick her leg over, which way to roll her head.  Not going to fast, as that is scary and not to slow, as the momentum is kind of nice, there is a lot to rolling.


Before we started rolling, our other kiddo, I don't think you can really see her, so I put the picture on here, she wanted to learn how to help Quinn stretch, oh I love all our kids!

Monday, April 1, 2013

What a fun day we had.  We went to a 7 year cancer free party for a dance friend of Quinn's.  We got to put a picture of our whole family on here, as it was a mask party, and the String Beans performed.  It was a fun afternoon!
Easter was the next day and all the pictures have all the kids in them, so I can't put them on here this time.  We had a great day, and got all our fancy clothes on for church and had Grandma and Grandpa Nelson over for lunch.  It was a great day.

Now Quinn caught a cold so she is resting while the rest of us do some major cleaning.