Friday, June 24, 2016

Donating Hair to Kids with Hair Loss for the 2nd time.
Denali wants to donate too, but her hair does not grow as fast as Quinn's.
 Quinn looks as cute with short hair as long hair, and she is such a great kid to donate!

Nine inches shorter!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Some times 5 year olds can teach the world everything they need to know.
 Our cousins were here celebrating Denali's 9th birthday.
We don't get to spend as much time with them as I would like, but we see them a few times a year.

The boys are so interested in Quinn, and do a great job talking to her.  They want to see how she eats, how she gets her meds, how she goes to the bathroom (we are putting boundaries on some things, to their dismay)  her bedroom, all of it.
They don't understand how she talks all the way, but they do a great job showing her love.  I can not thank God enough for Denali and Isaiah, for being great role models that love on Quinn and show the boys how to love on her.  I'm also so thankful for Quinn being so patient and willing to help teach folks how to be compassionate and accepting and loving.

This morning was one of those experiences that I wish everyone could be lucky enough to see.
We were having breakfast out, before going to the zoo.  Quinn got pancakes, as she loves them.  Eating for her is a mixed bag.  Some days she does great, and sometimes she is to busy paying attention to other things and is not paying attention to eating, and will choke on her bite.  Well with the boys and all the excitement, she did choke.  Thankfully she has a great cough.  She will turn red, and cough and cough, but thankfully she can cough it out.  Snot comes out too and it's not pretty, but thankfully she can get it out and be ok.  This is a bit of a production, and I'm sure folks around us, might be uncomfortable witnessing it, but for us that is life.
Well, her cousin was sitting next to her.  He has been super excited to talk to her, and open doors for us, and even hold onto her chair.  However this choking thing really upset him this morning.  He was not sure if he could look at her, and had to turn away.  He got tears in his eyes, he really was going through a lot of emotions.  (I was too, as I don't like to see anyone embarrassed of Quinn and not want to be around her.)  After I got Quinn cleaned up, her cousin had already calmed down.  Denali came around and gave Quinn some love, as Grandma gave our cousin some love, and he saw that Quinn was ok, and after just a few moments and a quick conversation, he was ok with Quinn again.  
It was so interesting to see him go through all these feelings as a 5 year old.  Having a cousin who is not the same, she talks different, she has a big chair, and a few other things.  She is different from him, and that is ok.  It's ok to be different.  It's ok to feel uncomfortable sometimes.  It's ok to cry when things are frustrating.  It's ok to talk about feeling uncomfortable.  
Most importantly it's ok to be different.
The best part was, he did not ignore her.  He did not move away.  He talked about how he felt.  He saw that she was ok.  He gave it a bit of time, and he accepted that it was uncomfortable, but that was ok, and we all still love her, and she is a tough cookie!

As we go out to the zoo or the library, or all around the world of ours.  I forget that everyone is not use to Quinn.  We do get the double takes.  We do hear the "mom look at her".  When that happens, I love to hear how it is handled.  The best situations are when the parent or child come over and talk to Quinn.  The kids see that our situation is different and different is ok.  Some parents talk about how she has a cool chair to get a round and that's ok.  
Some parents shush their kids, that makes me sad, let's talk about it and see that it's ok to be different.
Most kids get it.  Kids want a little education, and to hear that it's ok and they can accept things for being different.
We all have our different burdens we carry.  I wish we could all be more like our 5 year old cousin.  If we don't understand let's talk.  It's ok to get emotional.  It's ok to be uncomfortable, and it's ok to learn that we are not all the same and accept each other for who they are and what they can bring to the world.

I am so thankful for my family.  For Denali getting up and loving up on Quinn after a choking event.  I'm thankful for Grandma to be there to say, it's ok.  I'm thankful for a few moments where all these weird feelings can run through our minds, and the innocents of a child can put into perspective that yes, Quinn is different, and moments will make him feel uncomfortable, but be able to accept it, and continue to care about her.

If only all of us could accept each others differences and love each other they way I saw that happen this morning!

It's ok to be different!
If we could all just learn, regroup, accept, and love each other, the world would be pretty amazing!
What a gift!  I love my family!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Denali's second birthday party!

 She wanted a tier cake just for her!
 I can't believe she did not get sick!

We also got the honor of dancing at the relay for life event.
We were so honored!

 Birthday girl breakfast!
 Such a wonderful person!

 Her first party on her birthday!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

 Summer school is finished and Quinn loved it!  Summer camp is also finished for Isaiah and Denali.
 They came home with lots of memories, and lots of bug bites!
Camp is always exhausting!
The girls had to get in lots of snuggles when they got home.
When the kids were at camp,
Quinn would go onto her Tobi, and talk about how she was upset and loved her family!
Oh those girls love each other!

Monday, June 13, 2016

 Last night was full of cuddles, as the kids left for camp today.
 Denali and Quinn could not get enough of each other, except when Denali had to take over Buttercups bed.
 We did get more practice in on the bikes and Denali is feeling better and better about riding!
 Can you tell they are excited for camp!
 Quinn is going to camp in a couple weeks, but today she had school, then got fitted for a car seat, as her other one expired.  
 Check your carseats, they all have expiration dates on them, keep our kids safe!

 Then off to therapy, so Quinn has to be pooped today!  Quinn is getting fitted for new braces for her feet!  Phew, we had a full day!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

This week has been a wonderful down week!  
I would say we have slept in, but Isaiah is our early bird and the girls don't want to miss out on anything.  So we  are up and going, not quite as early as normal.

Quinn has been going to summer school and loving it.
We love her nurse, who holds her accountable and in turn she is working and enjoying the experience.
We have been working on riding bikes while she is at school.  
Isaiah has had it for a couple years, but Denali has struggled and really was disliking trying at all, so last year we took a break for awhile.  This year, we had some wipe outs and frustration and tears, but finally she has gotten it down!  So a bit more practice and she will feel super confident!  It's so good to see her successfully riding!
Great Job Denali!
 We continue with therapy sessions and I have to give a big thank you to our therapists!  They basically have two kids to do therapy with, as all three kids go to therapy and Isaiah has been reading like crazy, (I'm so thankful for the library, as he is going through a chapter book a day) so he is content reading most of the time.  Denali reads about 5 minutes into the 55 minute session and then she wants to help, and how can you say no to wanting to help.  So our therapists do a great job with their mini helper, who really does do a pretty good job helping out.
The excitement of therapy ends up pulling Isaiah away from his book and he has to get in on the action by the end of therapy as well!
Then another afternoon this week, Chrissy and Quinn put on their patient pants, and Isaiah and Denali started learning how to transfer Quinn out of her chair.  So they had to try out the lift and figure out correct ways to move Quinn around.  I love how my kids are so willing to help, and I don't have to worry about them wanting to do it or not, because they are so excited to be part of the adventure!  Oh I'm so thankful for that!

We have also started one of our art projects.
All three kids picked out new paints and fabrics to redo their desk chairs.
First up sanding and cleaning the chairs.
It's a lot more work then they thought it would be, but it will be so worth it.
 So this will be a summer long project with the way we are starting, but that's ok!  
We will work on them when we are not busy with summer fun!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

It was our very busy dance weekend!

 The girls had to sleep together and were exhausted after such a busy night!

 Dancing beyond limits had a standing ovation and made me cry again this year!
 The boys having fun between their numbers.
Pom is so fun!