Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I created two posts, so you have about 30 some pictures to look through.
We have been busy!

After Christmas, we headed to St. Louis to spend time with Grandpa Ron.
 The weather was great for most of the time.
 Here we are at the arch.  Our hotel was super close, and we could walk over there.

 The kids did great at the top.  I was super scared this time.
 The root beer floats were amazing!
 Then we went to Fitz's for lunch and to see them bottling grape soda.

 Quinn was more interested in posing for pictures then watching the soda's being bottled.
 I love this picture of Grandpa loving on Quinn.  Watch out, it can be dangerous!

 Then was the City Museum.  I suggest everyone go there.  It is amazing.
 Lots' to climb on.
 Lots of slides.
 Lots to look at.
 Artwork everywhere.

 An art room to work on lots of art.
 A circus for us to watch.
 More slides and ropes to play on.

 Isaiah was in heaven.  He loves Sharks and got to pet one in the aquarium.

 Denali loved the otter.

 We opened the museum and closed the museum, we were there 7 hours, and did not do one single thing twice.  Phew, the kids all slept good that night.
Wow, we have been busy and have had so much fun.

In between events, Quinn got a horrible cold, and both Denali and Isaiah had bad coughs, but I hope and pray we are about over it all, they are all doing better, and we still have about a week of fun before school starts.  So we need to feel good!

Blessings to you all for a safe happy new year.  Our 2013 was amazing, and we are looking forward to 2014, we just hope to enjoy the small things and have lots of fun adventure, be in in our backyard, at school or out and about.  It will be a great year!

We have been having fun.
First up we went to Grandma and Grandpa's in Pierce.
 Cousin Kira sleeping on Grandpa.
 The girls playing with the i-pod.
 Isaiah finally learned how to make rubber band bracelets.  

 Quinn hanging with two of her Grandma's.
 Cousin Strace enjoying birthday cake.
 Cousin Strace and Uncle Nick.
 All the grand kids, except Alexis, who was home sick.  We were not going to get a shot of all of them smiling.  It is what it is.
 All the men.
 Cousin Aiden.
 Cousin Strace and Grandma.
 Aunt Tracie and cousin Shaundra.
 Watching the Shrinkie Dinks bake.
 They turned out great.
 Then back to our house for Christmas morning.  We were greeters at Church the night before and all the kids did great, handing out candles and telling folks Merry Christmas.  Quinn had it programed on her dynovox and did great with it.
Santa took a bit out of the cookie, but he did not eat the whole thing.  We could not figure out why?

Monday, December 23, 2013

What a fun day!

 We started out by taking presents to Children's Hospital.  Last weekend the kids took their allowance and bought the presents they wanted to give.  
 The staff were great and filled their bucket with thanks.

 Then thanks to our great behaviors, and an anonymous card we got in the mail, with build a bear bucks in it we went to build a bear.  This was good for so many reasons.  First, these guys have been working so hard on their behavior goals, and second, we talked about how the kids at the hospital will never know that we gave them the presents, and in turn we might not ever know who gave us the build a bear cards, so who ever you are, thank you.  A great day with a couple great learning opportunities.

 They all had to pick out a heart, and warm it up so their stuffs would be full of warmth.  After they picked out their stuffy, they got to add the heart to their animal.  

 On the way home after boxing up their new stuffs in their very own homes.
 and finally the kids with their new stuffy.  What a fun day, caring for others and in turn being able to do something thanks to someone else's fun gift, along with Mema's Christmas Cash, that covered the rest.  Thanks to both of these wonderful gifts.
 Quinn got Chrissy the yellow pony.
 Denali got Pinky, the princess bear.
Isaiah got Flappy, the penguin.
After lunch with Grandma, we were off to therapy, where both of the kids want to be a part of Quinn's therapy.  I have to be careful of that line, I love it they want to help, but I don't want us getting in the way of our therapists or breaking Quinn's concentration.  

Mostly I just love it that the kids want to be involved in each others activities.
What a happy holiday we are having.  
Now if we could just get rid of our coughs.