Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our Church had their Halloween party.
 The Elsa girls picking out a prize.
 Josh and Quinn hanging out.
 Lots of games to play.
 You have to twirl when you have a poofy dress and cape.
 Pictures with friends.
 Ending the night.
The bummer was at the party, Quinn kept getting more and more unhappy.  Over night she started feeling super bad and to top it off got a temperature.  Darn!  She made it 8 weeks at school without being sick, but now she is going on missing day three tomorrow.  We are hoping to get back to school on Thursday, so a few prayers would be great!  I think I've had sickness pains for her, so she needs to get better so we can get back to our schedule!  We have things to do, but we are trying to slow down and enjoy the ride!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

It was a busy weekend!
Isaiah has been working his tail off, and is now finally caught up at school, and so
the boys celebrated by going to the Nebraska football game.
Dad won the tickets at work, and they had fun.
Herbie Husker is actually an app that I found, and added to the picture.
Pretty fun app!
 The girls had just as much fun.  It was bring a friend to dance, and Denali brought Quinn.  They also got to wear their halloween costumes, and they are the Frozen Sisters.  Over half of the girls in dance class were Elsa, so it is not the most unique costume, but the girls love it.  I love the fact that we got to use their flower girl dresses again, add some capes, crowns, and gloves, and we have some great Frozen costumes.

 You have to twirl if you have a big fluffy dress and cape right?
 You also have to love the gloves!
 Quinn loves her costume too.
 Dance class was fun!  We were in a big circle doing our stretches.
 Here is a group picture, with over half of the girls dressed as Elsa.

 Such cute Sisters!

Look at the air Denali kept getting when she was doing her jumps!  Love it!

Friday, October 24, 2014

 Quinn's dance class started again!  Oh do I love to see her dance.  It's uplifting, amazing, loving, and strong!  Those girls are amazing and the support staff and teachers are wonderful!

 We also had parent teacher conferences.  I have to say I love all their teachers.  It's a hard job.  I have a talker, who alway tells me all the gossip when she gets home, rather then ever talking about the school work.  I have a son who loves to tell me about Math, and does not mention how some of his other subjects that are not his favorite, so why do them?  Right?  Ugg, grounding is starting to be a staple at our house.  Finally Quinn is showing everyone how smart she is, but she is one that we have to think outside the box with, and she has a ways to go, but everyone is working so hard with her.  We love their teachers. 

We are so grateful for our kids!  They are not perfect, but they are smart, kind, and learning all kinds of lessons all the time!  Blessings!  Susan

Sunday, October 19, 2014

We have been busy!  This morning Isaiah got his bible from church.
3rd graders get bibles and he was very excited to get his.

 Denali has been figuring out what class fits her best, and we are thinking this might be the one.
 She is also loving her halloween decorations and fun.

 Quinn got to go to her first auction.  We talked about how she could not raise her hands or she would be bidding on things, and she figure it out and did great!
 It also was nice to hang out with Chrissy!
For those of you who love the sound of an auctioneer, here you go, a short melody!
Quinn loved listening to them.
We have been busy as ever, and finding some calm rest time is going to be nice for all of us.  But Halloween is just around the corner, so I don't think we are going to have much calm time! :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

 We got some work done on Quinn's chair over break.
 Quinn and I also finally got her sunglasses and they are going to be great!

 I loved how they moved the chair over so Quinn could be the one in the main seat!  They talked to her as much as me, and that is also a big deal.
 Quinn choose for the glasses to be white with glitter.
 They have a band around back and they are pretty moveable.
Here is the design.  How cute is that!  She will only be wearing them outside for now, but if she tells us they are helping, we will switch to a transition lens.  So we found glasses and just love them!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Over Fall Break, the kids have had to endure sitting through Quinn's therapy sessions, so rather then reading or what have you, they would rather help encourage and support Quinn.
Oh how I love them.  Quinn has worked much harder having them helping out as well!

Friday, October 10, 2014

 Well, it's doctor time again!  Quinn visited the eye doctor and the ENT, and she was a pro.  Things are looking good.  We are getting her some fancy sun glasses, and I've already made a number of calls to try to find some special fitting ones that will work for her, with her wheelchair, and I'm still making calls, but everyone has been kind and have given me more leads, so I will just keep trucking, if you have any ideas for who has lots of unique sunglasses that don't have the regular behind the ear styles, Please let me know!
 Then after the appointments we do something fun, and so with fall, who does not need a carmel apple!

Oh boy I love my kids and their facial expressions!