Friday, June 28, 2013

Here are Chrissy and Quinn working on her driving!  
 Here is Quinn taking a huge nap after driving for two hours with Chrissy.  Check out the post before this one for a video of her driving.
 Look at the amazing park we were at, right here in Lincoln.  I did not know there was a park made to fit wheelchairs.  Where have I been.  Quinn was not totally sure she wanted to drive through it, but after a little bit, she did pretty good.

 Look how she woke up this morning.  I know the one picture is fuzzy, but to see that smile, I'm ok with a bit of a fuzzy picture.  Nurse Melissa was here last night and she had some special time with her this morning that got her started on such a happy note!  Oh how I love her giggles and smiles!

Kids that have power chairs that they drive, tend to need back up chairs that are not power, in case there is a power issue or stairs we can't get the power chair up.  All kinds of different reasons.  Well insurance does not fund getting two chairs, so I'm finding we are a community that shares and loans and donates, and it is wonderful!  Thank you to a wonderful family, we now have a new / used back up chair that Quinn fits in, and will work for us for a good long time.  We will be passing our wonderful green back up chair onto someone else in the near future, as Quinn has been growing like a weed.  Chrissy put hours of work into it to have it work just right for Quinn, and so once again, we are reminded how lucky we are!

This is my second post in one day, so be sure to check out the two video's I just posted.  One is from about a year ago, when Quinn drove in circles and we were thankful for that, and now, she can do so much more.  We still have a long ways to go, but the progress that I see is just amazing!
The first video with Chrissy is from today, the 2nd video with Alexis is from last fall, when she got her chair.  Wow, what a difference.

Last fall Quinn had gotten her chair, and we were so proud of her for driving in circles.  We can honestly say because of all the issues her chair had, we did not get very much time to practice driving.
Now here is a video from today.  Granted, she does not drive like this everyday but wow, look at that progress!  Thanks so much to Chrissy and all of Quinn's therapists for helping her be successful!  As her mom I can not say how happy this progress makes me!  Oh wow, some days I think are we making progress, but the video's show how far she has come! 
Oh Quinn, I love you and I'm so proud of you!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quinn has been loving audio books, these are from the public library and they are these small compact books that you can carry around in your pocket.  Oh how we are loving the library this summer.  One of our other two kiddo's is also loving the library, we have one who is still trying to find her love for the library.  We are going to try hard to get all three of them to love all those books and stories.

Personally I am loving our reading time, I have gotten through a few books, and I am loving it.

Blessings, Susan

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Here is our new accessory!  A heal lift.  Quinn has a dominate leg, and we are working hard at making sure she works both of her legs equally, so she does not continue to grow asymmetrically.

 As the pictures show, she wants to really kick out to her left side, but we are trying to even her out, and have her be more symmetrical.

 We have also had fun swimming.  Chrissy came with us and Quinn took full advantage of their time together.  She kicked like crazy, and they did good stretching.

 Chrissy and Quinn figured out a new exercise, Quinn likes to put her head in the water then pull it up all by herself.  What a great way to strengthen those muscles that hold up her head.  She is holding her head up all by herself here.  YEAH Quinn!
Summer is so fun!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

On fathers day, we went to Omaha to see the Wizard of Oz, all the kids loved it.  Before that, we stopped by the park, and there was a swing that Quinn could use, gotta love that!

 We also had a birthday party to celebrate and that was so much fun.  I don't have the heart to blur out the birthday girl, so no pictures right now.
 We got our portraits done, and that was a job, but the kids were happy with the results.  They all look different now, as they got hair cuts, so no crazy hairs sticking out, which I love, and the girls both got more then two inches cut off.
We have been busy, Quinn continues to do a good job with her driving and she has gotten a new accessory for her shoes.  I'll have to talk about that next time.
Blessing and love to all.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

 Another matching hair day.
 Quinn's first time bowling!  The bowling alleys have these great ramp type things that help people bowl.
 Her first roll she got a 3!  Not to bad!
 We had lots of friends with us, to make bowling so much better!
 Quinn and Amelia were getting ready to bowl with their helpers!

 Getting ready for her spare!
 Gotta love the love going on!
 A High Five after a spare!
 What a fun afternoon!
 Oh that ball is heavy, but posing for a picture, you can't show how hard your are working.
 Gotta love friends!

 styling with the oh so cool bowling shoes.
 Hey, who does not love this machine, waiting for the ball to come back.
What a fun first time of bowling for Quinn.  We all did great for Quinn's first bowling game!  Thanks to all our friends who joined us in the fun!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

We had a busy day today.  We started out at Holmes Lake, getting to be part of an amazing bridal party who ran and walked around the lake in their fancy dresses.  Our little guy loved it that boys were wearing dresses and thought it was so funny that one girl got an ugly dress award.

In turn, our two girls had on their fancy outfits as well.

Quinn's chair almost got stuck in the sand, but we got out.

We got some amazing pictures of the kids, and who knows, maybe someday I will be able to post them on here, pray hard!

In fact as we were getting pictures, we got quite an audience telling us about a beautiful day, lovely kids, and adorable pictures.

What a fun morning.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Where is the time going?  We have been busy, but time is flying by.
Quinn working hard at therapy.  We missed Suzanne the last few weeks, so Quinn sure was working hard today.

 I finally got Quinn's seat redone with new material.  I am not great with a sewing machine, but I'm working on it.
 Chrissy and Quinn driving therapy is working, Quinn is driving to the park on her own, but a few bumps freaked her out and she was not to excited to drive after that, but we are working on it.
The girls wanted matching hair styles, so I'm working hard at coming up with new ideas.

I came home from working out for John to share this story with me!

The  kiddo's were so sweet tonight. I stated that d's time was up playing inside and now it was time to play outside. Both kiddo's piped up Quinn gets 20 minutes too. So I cuddled Quinn for 20 minutes while they played individually.
Then when it was time to go outside and play tag D said I would have to be slow to catch her becasue she was going to wheel Quinn around when playing tag. I offered to have Quinn be base and both kiddo's piped up being base is not fun. They proceeded to immediately ask Quinn if she wanted to be base or play tag and  Quinn wanted to play tag.
Fun night all in all.

Have I mentioned how blessed I feel, and how I am not taking a day with my family for granted!  
Life is hard, it's not perfect, but we are choosing to do our best and be happy with the small things!
Life is good!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

We had a slumber party last weekend and built a fort, and the kids all had permission to stay up as late as they wanted!

They all three made it past two in the morning!  I could not believe it!  They loved being in that fort.

We got to the Children's museum, the kids loved it!  They had so much fun, and we got some great pictures, but as usual, we can not put them on here.

Finally we had a doctor appointment in Omaha at Children's Hospital.  The appointment went well, we are finally figuring out meds again, as it was a rough time a few weeks ago, but lately we are doing much better.  The hospital is beautiful and after I was done with the paperwork, I turned around and saw a beautiful picture in the making!

Oh we are busy and working hard.  We are playing and enjoying looking at clouds.  We are starting thumb wars, eating pancakes (Quinn still loves her pancakes), and checking out lots of parks, we got library cards, and homemade popcycles.  Goodness, our two girls were in bed by 7:30 today, because we are worn out.  We better do a little more relaxing.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Thanks to Chrissy and Annette and their know how, we started learning how to ride bikes yesterday.  We started off by getting bikes, and all the protective covering we need,
then off we went.

With Nebraska weather you never know what you are going to get, for June 1st, we had wind and a little above 60 degree's, so we were bundled up.
Last night we made our fort and all three kids got to stay up as late as they wanted, they all made it to past 2 in the morning, and they have actually had a great day over all.  Wow!