Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Our plants are growing.
After a week the carnations have started.
 The cactus have not done anything yet.
 The Hollyhocks have taken the lead.
The kids are so invested in these plants, it's really fun to watch them watching these little miracles pop up out of the ground.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

We are still counting down to our Make a Wish trip and will be for a while, but here is what we have been up to.
We have had another busy weekend.
Most of it has been calm, as all three kids had colds!
 We are making good/bad clips for the drive to Florida.  Every two hours we are taking a ring off our paper chains, and if the kids are good, they will get a prize, be it an activity sheet, or small prize of some kind.
 Here are the paper chains in action.  We will have a chain for driving to Florida, and one for coming back.  One for the last week before we go, and one for every Sunday until we go.  Lots of paper chain work going on.

Also, we learned more about Make a Wish, Frank Shankwitz, who helped grant Chris his first wish of being a police officer.  He wanted to catch the bad guys!

 So not feeling good ended up giving us the time to watch lots of Harry Potter movies over the weekend.  Usually we don't have time to lay around a watch movies, but when we don't feel good, we have had that chance.

 getting toes done, is also fun.

and chicken noodle soup is always good when we are sick.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We have spring fever in our house and so we had to stop by the store and pick up some seeds and start planting!

 Denali picked flowers and smiled all silly for her picture, then she said, wait mom, is this going on the blog?  Let me take another one.  So you get them both!  She is my little comedian.

 Isaiah opted for cactus.  I did not know you could plant cactus from seed, so we will see how it goes.
Can you tell what kind of mood Denali was in?

Quinn picked carnations, so we will try those out as well.
 We are trying out these pods that you add water to and then plant, we will see how they work.
It's been a couple days and nothing yet, but we are excited to see our hard work grow!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Wow it's been a busy week.
I won't go into detail on the hundreds of report card grades I did once, only to find I did them wrong and had to go back and erase the ones I did, and start all over.  Thankfully I got it done, I think?  I had to go in again today and work a bit more when I thought I was done.

Well onto more fun things.  Quinn had driving practice again, and as Chrissy was changing things up, yet again!  (we are so thankful to have such hard working therapists on our team)  Quinn got to get out of her chair, while Chrissy was working and Denali said she could not leave until Quinn was driving, as she did not want her sitting by herself, so Denali and dad stayed at driving practice to keep Quinn company!  I love how good my kids are to each other!  It's wonderful!  (most of the time)

 A few shots of the girls driving.  Quinn was exhausted, but continued to work her tail off, as she will try to do anything for Chrissy!

Well, It's official!
Last summer Isaiah and Denali did some paperwork to start the wheel rolling for Quinn to
 "Make a Wish".

We met with our wish granters, Cami and Joyce, and have been in contact with them here and there, and Quinn has officially received her wish to go meet Minnie Mouse.

 Here they are finding out the news this week!
How exciting!

I can't say enough about how this organization runs things in such a fun way.
I've been surprised at how kid friendly it is.

The place we are staying in Florida is Give Kids the World Village.
We have been researching it, and we could stay there the whole vacation and be completely entertained, but we have lots we are going to do.
Check out their site here.

So planning and anticipation are as much fun as the trip at times, and from all the giggles and fun we had this weekend, I would have to agree.

We are going on lots of walks, to get into shape to do lots of walking.

 We have watched a couple Disney movies this weekend, done a couple disney games and word finds.

All three kids have journals, we started off writing a letter of thanks and a note to God to bless us on this adventure.  We have written about Henri Landwirth, who is the founder of Give Kids the World.  We will be reading about Walt Disney soon.
The big thing we wrote about is all the towns we will be driving through when we drive down there.
It took up over 4 pages to write all those towns.
It is not safe for Quinn to fly, so driving is what we will do.
 We also set up a count down calendar.  Each day we are gluing down a new character to help us see how long it will be, and we have many days before we go, so we have lots of fun to have before we get going.

Phew, what a fun experience, and here we are at the beginning!

We have had a number of talks about the difference between bragging and sharing our fun exciting news, so I in turn will follow that advice, doing my best to share our fun story without being silly about it!  We are excited to share our adventure, so join us in the fun!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

 Working hard at therapy!  
Quinn is such a hard worker, 
as well as all the folks who hold her accountable!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

We finished off Spring Break by hanging out with a couple cousins.

 We had to go to the zoo.  The little boys had never been there, and it was so fun to see them experience the zoo.

 Isaiah loves giraffes.

 We also practiced driving.
Played with chicks.
and played with technology.
a great simple wonderful spring break.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Spring Break, and the weather was beautiful!
 We walked around the lake, and by the time we were done, Denali was exhausted!

 We also had to get a little fishing done!