Thursday, May 26, 2016

We had our Dancing Beyond Limits dance recital.

 Both girls are in the class, and we love our teachers.

 Quinn loves babies and was so excited to hang out.

 Dance class is so joyful as well as exhausting!

Ending school and jumping right into dance recitals.  Just wait Denali has had pictures this week, so that is up next.

Friday, May 20, 2016

To all our Maxey teachers -
Thank You!
The saying goes:
A Great Teacher
builds character
inspires dreams
encourages creativity
builds confidence
makes learning fun
touches our hearts
and changes our loves forever.
Thank you to our great teachers!
We have been blessed and can't thank you all enough!
 Last day of school morning!

 Field Day!  Quinn lucks out and gets pictures, because we love our nurse who loves to take pictures.

 Oh bitter sweet days at Maxey for the kids, who are moving to the new school, and bitter sweet days at my own school.  I'm not great with change, and yet it keeps happening!  
Our first picture from the summer!  We are going to be busy!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

And our youngest, Denali.  Showing off her ballet recital outfit!
She is so loving, and strong, and determined.  She does not want to miss out on anything, so when her early bird brother wakes up at 6:30 and she is better at waking up at 8ish, she will pull herself out of bed at 6:30 because she is not going to miss out on anything.

She can't wait for field day today.  She is already talking about having girls over this summer, and going to Princess Academy.  She has so many plans for the summer, and starting it off with the recital in about a week, will be a great start, as she is always dancing and leaping around the house.

We are blessed with 3 amazing kids, and I am so thankful!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Oh my sweet Quinn.  So much I can say about her.  Here she is touching her ear.  It always brings me back to when she was itty bitty and she would hold onto her ear.  A simpler time in so many ways.

She is amazing, she teaches me so much.  She is so strong and determined, and so patient and kind.  I am a better person for knowing her.

She is amazing and giving a good example of this week.  The last week of school, we are all exhausted, and having ceilings being worked on, closets being emptied out, and roofs ready to get redone.  

Whew, we are pooped, thankful for our last week of school, and looking forward to summer fun!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Isaiah had his last competitive dance competition and he has learned so much.  How to be patient when they pull up the floor because it's to slick.  How to accept criticism and become better from it.  How to work through his nerves, and how to work with a team.  That is just a few of the things.

I've enjoyed meeting these mom's and dad's and grandparents, and spend one on one time with Isaiah.

Now just a few days of this school year left.  We are all exhausted, and ready for all kinds of new adventures, fun summer plans, summer camps, summer school, writing prompts, down time, and so much more.

We are starting a new school in the fall, as a new school was built so close to us, so it's a bitter sweet end of the year.  Friends and teachers will be changing and I know change is good, but it's also hard at times, so we have had lots of prayers and discussions about enjoying every minute and being thankful for what we have experienced, while at the same time, be open for new experiences.



Thursday, May 12, 2016

This week has been interesting.
The weather was crazy.
Broke a few windows with softball size hail.
Now they are covered and waiting to be fixed.

 The roof and siding also had damage, and some things are patched for now.

 getting more covers on windows, and all the shiny spots on roofs are patch jobs for now.
 We have fans all over inside to help dry things out.
 So thankful for all the folks who have the skills to put things back together.
We are thankful!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

As we have been having fun with Vincent Van Gogh's bedroom set,
we have painted his favorite flower using his favorite colors.

The Bright Sunflowers
by Isaiah

The Sunny Sunflowers
by Denali

Made with Love
by Quinn and Me
How fun!