Saturday, August 27, 2016

Having fun with friends!
 Working on Mono Prints
 Sketching out ideas.

 Inking our plates
 We love hanging out with friends and doing art!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I sure love how these guys love each other!
 Therapy has been hard for the girls.  Denali has had to work on homework, instead of helping Quinn!
Life is so hard some days!

 and a happy birthday to Grandpa!  We are so lucky to have Grandparents who love us and who we love so!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The first day at a new school!

 Quinn is in 4th grade.

 Denali is in 4th grade
 Isaiah is in 5th grade.
 We are happy Nurse Tara started with us.

 Chrissy also got us started today.

 A new school gets us new bus drivers and para's.  We miss our old bus folks, but look forward to new memories.

 and off we go!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

As life is always balancing, so are we.  So with the sadness we had with my grandpa's passing, we also got to enjoy relatives and play a bit.

 It was fun hanging out with new cousins.  Quinn and Knox did a great job talking and driving and walking around together.  I wish I would have gotten some pictures.

 We are up like 32 stories, and this is as far out as I was willing to go, but we still got us all in the picture.

 Beale Street for breakfast one morning!

 Lots of time with family!

 Ending the trip with a boat ride.  Until next time, under better circumstances, I hope!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

We just got back from celebrating the life of my Grandfather.
It was a beautiful service.  The sermon was about water, how a mighty wave starts out so strong and gives everything it can and finally comes to a calm puddle of sorts at your feet.  It was beautiful.

 We started by taking a few pictures outside my dad's house, as it's just beautiful there.  Then I'm not sure if it was an angel or what, but I had a few pictures with this beautiful sun ray across it.

I am grateful to have a family who works so hard to care for each other.
As Grandpa's dementia continued to get worse, I saw my family step up and care for him with all they had.  It's good to know they all will have a bit more peace now.
I'm also so thankful for the stories I got to listen to my grandfather tell me.  His time in the navy, and growing up were wonderful.  He was a hard worker and a great story teller.  That is what I will remember about him.  Along with the wonderful family we share.