Tuesday, September 25, 2012

                                One reason to love fall.


This one was fast, he was crawling all over the place, and finally decided to rest on Quinn's fingers for a bit.  She was really into it for a bit.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

We had a lovely day at the zoo today. John's good friend Patrick joined us, as well as another foster kiddo, who was full of energy, and we loved him to pieces. The most fun for the day was when both kids heard the train. They both got so excited. So I asked both of them if we should go ride it, and our other kiddo started jumping up and down, and Quinn used her voice to shout out yes, at the same time she was signing it. So after that we had to go ride the train. In case you don't know, we can not post picts of our foster kids or mention them by name, to keep things safe and such. Past that, we are working on Quinn's chair. It's interesting we are going to court to show how she can handle a power chair, and at the same time the chair is going in to get fixed as it is having issues. So Quinn is having issues driving it because it does not work quite right. The chair is going to the shop to get fixed, and we are going to court to get people to see that Quinn deserves to have some independence. So that chair is keeping all of us busy on so many fronts. It is worth every bit of the hassle, but wow, it's keeping a bunch of us busy! OK, if that does not make sense, I've been at the zoo with 4 kids, some older and some younger, and I'm ready to get a good nights sleep. Blessings to you all! Praying hard for a number of you and your families, as I reflect on how we need to be kind to everyone we meet, as we all have different battles going on, and I am praying hard for a few of you, as I know you and your family are battling. Blessings and prayers for you all. Thanks for supporting and praying for us as well.

Monday, September 17, 2012

If this does not make you smile, then you better get your smiler checked! We finally got started back to dance class and finally got Quinn's pictures back from last spring. Oh how I love these girls, and this experience for Quinn. We got to dance class and Quinn squealed with delight, and could not stop smiling. What a lovely night.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

We had a busy weekend. Chrissy and Alexis came out and helped Quinn practice driving. We got a few more good video's of Quinn driving, and lots more practice. The fun story for the day is that as we were driving, Quinn wanted a weed, as dad was pulling weeds while we were out there, so Chrissy gave her a weed, and she held onto that weed for the rest of her driving, rest time, walker time, and bedtime. We had lots of new positions, as well as two outfit changes, and she did not let go of that weed! That is dedication!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wow in 30 minutes we got some amazing video's of Quinn driving!  She is amazing!  Can you believe that we still have to go to court to prove that Quinn can do this.  Lucky for us, we have a great team willing to work harder then then should have to, to help us get Quinn what she really needs!  Have I mentioned how lucky we are!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Finally! Finally Quinn is feeling better. Well, I guess that depends on when and who you talk to. Quinn is acting very snotty at school, where she is sneezing and making a drooling mess. Whiles at home the last few days she has been needing to be suctioned once in the evening, and has done wonderful. We even made it back to therapy, where she was amazing. She had a bit of an attitude issue at first and did not want to drive, but after having her way and stretching, she did a really nice job driving around. Oh, it makes my heart happy to see her wanting to drive on her own. I know it takes time, and can take more then a year for her to really get the hang of driving around, but I see progress, and that is after a week of being sick and not being in her chair at all. Oh I love that little girl more and more, and when I think she can't get any cuter, she does. Along with that cuteness, she is starting to get a bit of an attitude, and if she does not want to answer me, she will not do it. I know that is normal, and she is not perfect, but wow, I am having to work my brain to figure out if it is her thinking, or not sure of what I'm saying, or just being naughty, and then how I need to go about getting the point across better, or coming up with a consequence. Phew, she is keeping me busy. Past that, the fun story for the week, Monday was her first day back to school, and she kept telling them bye, wanting to go home, but once she got home we talked about dance class, and if she was up to go. I knew she would be tired, as she was feeling better, but not at 100%. So her reply was (talking through her dynovox), yes, wait, yes, wait, wait, wait, no, wait, wait, yes, wait, wait, and then she fell asleep at 5:00, and slept for 4 hours. So she knew exactly what she was thinking. She wanted to be there, but was to tuckered out! Wow, what a girl! I love her so!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wow, Quinn was sick all week, and Friday afternoon ended with a trip to the doctor's office. I think she was getting better, but a week is a long time. She was never gone for an entire week last year for preschool. Well, she did not do much, no dance class, no therapy, no driving her chair, no walking in her walker. She did however cough, and cough, and cough, and sleep, and stay up on Thursday night with our wonderful nurse Melissa until the wee hours of the morning, and that was a moment where she slept all day and actually smiled and chatted. That was about the sum up of our week. Not to exciting, but I'm sure glad that things are improving. Quinn does not mind being sick and cuddling when dad is around.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Oh goodness. Quinn and I have our back to school colds. As I continue to see all the coughing and snot in my classroom, I am not at all surprised to be sick. I am hoping Iam not the one that got her sick, but I am not sure. John mentioned how I am almost always sick over labor day weekend. He loves this holiday and we had a few things planned, but it did not go the way we thought. Instead we layed around and did not sleep well at all.
It is a good thing that there was not school today because we would have had to call in sick. She finally felt good enough to sleep most of the day. We did still have 4 kids over for part of the weekend. I was again reminded how tough they are because they are going through more then kids should have to. Yet they are so strong. John is really stepping up and running the house and checking in on Quinn and I as well as entertaining all 4 kids. Whew, it has been a busy weekend, just not quite what I planned. Now I am hoping to join Quinn in taking a nap, as we were up most of the night. Blessings. Susan