Monday, November 30, 2015

We had our first dance performance of the season and it was as amazing as ever.
Getting out their pre show giggles!
I love this picture!
Actually I love all these pictures.
We love Olivia!
Here they are lining up, getting ready to go!
We love all the girls!  They really are amazing!
 Just look at that amazing group!
The stage was small, but they did great!
 It was at a snowflake wonderland celebration to raise money for People in Need.
So there were lots of photo opts.

Denali and Justice are great buddies with the wonderful Quinn and Olivia dancing away!
The program really is amazing for the dancers and the buddies!

Then as we were braving the freezing cold to walk back to our van, we ran across these crazy creatures.  They were running down the road, and stopped to take a picture of themselves for themselves, both girls were a bit scared of them, as you don't see a dozen creatures running down the sidewalk.  So I was trying to be sneaky and get a picture with them in the background, as were a few other folks.  So this is what I thought I would get.   
Instead after their picture, one of those characters said, keep posing for the girls picture, so they did!  What a fun odd way to finish a wonderful day!  How fun and crazy is this!
Oh Isaiah is grounded again, so he got to stay home and do some writing prompts.  

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So much to be thankful for!
We love dance class!  Seeing the love that is shared with buddies and dance mates, just amazing!  I walk out of Madonna feeling like a better person for watching the class!  So thanks to all the folks there on Monday nights!

 Quinn loves her buddy!  Sometimes she can't hardly look at him without being bashful!
 We love our teachers and helpers!

 Denali is a great buddy!
 I love this picture, three sets of moments going on, where the love is being shared!
their first performance of this season is at Pinnacle Areana on Saturday at 3, if you want to come!
I made bows!
 We also had a special guest along!  She is going to make an amazing Sped Teacher in a few years!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Adoption Day Anniversary Weekend for us!
It's also National Adoption Month!
So fun!
 We went to the Symphony!
The kids loved the puppets and music.  
 Then we had to play in the leaves for a bit.

 Denali - 8 - such a kind hearted soul.  She loves to dress up fancy, and wants to do her best all the time, and if she does not, she has a hard time with it.  She want to be a chef when she gets older and loves her friends.
 Isaiah - 9 - He is so smart, smart enough to push limits at school to see if he can get away with not doing his job, especially with writing, but he puts 100% into his math.  He loves his dad and loves his electronic games!   He wants to be a soccer star when he grows up, but does not want to be on any soccer teams right now, just doing it at recess is enough for him.
 Quinn - 8 -   Oh how I love her giggle.  She lights up when she goes to school, she loves to learn, she will come home pooped!  She gives it her all!  She wants to be a dancer when she grows up!  The love she has for Isaiah and Denali, and vice versa, is God sent, and he had a plan for the three of them to be together!  I thank God for the three of them and how they love each other (most of the time)!

Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Adoption Month!
This weekend is our Adoption Day Anniversary, so we are celebrating by going to the symphony!  
We are so grateful!  God had a plan!
Look at how little they look!  I can't believe it's been two year already!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A fun hard working day at therapy!
A special guest along, learning about all the fun and hard work Quinn puts into a day!

Monday, November 16, 2015

The girls got their new glasses!
 They both had to model them for me.
Yes, they picked out matching frames, just different colors.

We learned that giving hugs is harder when we have glasses on, so we have to work on how to do it!

 A case of the giggles!  I love them!

 Oh how I love my girls!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

 I ran across a fun idea, that for the month of November, we are writing down things we are thankful for!  It's been so fun, and we are full of ideas!
 With how busy our December gets, we are also starting to work on Christmas stuff!  That is fun too!

Monday, November 9, 2015

We could focus on how Quinn still has her cold, but it is getting better!

We could focus on how I have a cold, but it could be worse.

We could focus on how Denali has a tummy ache again, before school starts.  This is a constant thing any more, as she is a people pleaser and right now math is super hard and she does not want to mess up!  Ugggg, poor kid!

Instead I will focus on how no one in our house is grounded.

We are hoping to make it to dance class tonight, and it's been a few weeks for that.

and here are Denali and her dance teacher Miss Stephanie, who does such a great job teaching about life and being your best, as she does about dance, and they are both so important!

We are grateful for you Miss Stephanie, and all the dance teachers at Madonna Pro Active.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Eye doctor Day!

 Technically Quinn went to a different doctor, with Chrissy, a little ways back, but she picked out her glasses today.  In the past we have gotten some special glasses, but this time we got ones right off the rack, and both the eye glass person, Quinn, and I all think they are going to work great.
 Denali could not wait to get new glasses, as her eyes have really changed and she was having a hard time reading.  So this will be good to have done.

 Isaiah did not need glasses, but the eye doctor figured out he can not see up close very well and gave him eye exercises to do.  (I really like this eye doctor)

 Denali picked out her new glasses!
The craziest thing, both girls picked out the same frames, just different colors, and Quinn picked hers out while Denali was getting tested, and Denali picked hers out, without seeing Quinn's.  I told them they are on the same wave length!  So we are waiting patiently for a week or so to get our glasses so we can see better!