Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I love watching my kids sleep!

OK, Isaiah is not really sleeping, he is faking it during breakfast, because I could not get down to get a picture of him, as his play fort has taken over his room and I can't get to his bed with the lights on low without the possibility of getting hurt.  We have some cleaning to do!

I found this new app called waterlogue and it turns photo's into water color paintings.

I think landscapes turn out a bit better then portraits, but as 90% of my pics are of my kids, I had to do some playing.  Here are my three favorites.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

 What a fun Easter morning.  The night was a bit more drama filled.  Denali came in to see me around 1:00, to say that she saw the Easter Bunny, he was about knee hight and brown and in the corner.  He did not see her, but she thinks she scared him away, and is now worried that he will come back, and come in her room, and she is now scared.  That drama woke Quinn up, and so she did not want to go to bed either.  To top it off, Isaiah is sure he heard the Easter Bunny so dad was with him, just in case!  Yikes, Easter Bunny drama.  Easter morning made up for all the drama, as they were all fine once the sun came up.

Quinn and Denali had their first bit of drama as well.  Quinn was laying on the floor doing tummy time, when Denali galloped through the living room, at lighting speed, and fell right on top of Quinn. She was super worried about Quinn right away, and Quinn started making noise, at first we were not sure if she was hurt or not, but then quickly it turned into a huge belly laugh, so Denali still told Quinn she was sorry about 100 times, and then the girls giggled together for the rest of tummy time.  

What a great weekend!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The traditions of Easter, coloring eggs, and reading the bible.
and a little skit!

Blessings to us all on Easter, as we are saved.
A short story, we went to Heaven is for real today.
I started bawling before the movie even started.  There was a little man who came into the theater and had a hard time finding a seat.  He ran into a younger couple, and the younger man, jumped up out of his seat, walked around the theater to get to the older man, and helped him find a seat, that worked for him.  After seeing that the younger man, did not know the older man at all, my heart melted.  There are so many good people in the world.  Be it a kind moment in a theater, or the Burpo's, that the movie is based on, who still live right here in Nebraska.  I try to find the kindness in the world, and help spread it as well.  Quinn, Isaiah, and Denali sure do help me see the good in the world, be it the person who holds the door for us, when we are getting Quinn here or there, the moment in Target, where a little boy gives Quinn this huge smile, and asks me if she can talk or not, while smiling and loving on her.  Life is hard, but if you look, the miracles are all around us every day.  I can only hope and pray to help fuel kindness in my own way, with the help of my own family.  We are blessed, and Easter is a great reminder of what God did for us.  
As Isaiah and Denali remind us in the video, he has risen, he has risen indeed.  hallelujah!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We had our churches Easter egg hunt on Sunday at the Children's Museum. 
The kids loved it.
 Isaiah loves the fire station.
 The dogs went crazy at the pound, and started attaching Quinn.  Denali tried to save her.
 Denali's mean football face.
 After the Easter egg hunt.
Quinn getting groceries in the play store.  Oh I love how my kids smile and giggle.  It was a very fun night.

Monday, April 14, 2014

We had fun playing with the chicks at school a few days ago.

Friday, April 11, 2014

I still love therapy.  Watching Quinn work so hard, and watching the therapists like Diane in this picture love her up as much as she motivates her to work.  
 Our other big deal, is we signed up for summer camp.  Two of them.  One is the Christian Camp through our church, I'm excited about it, because it's only a couple nights, and I get to go along.  I admit I'm a bit of a control freak, and like to know what is going on all the time, so this way, I will.  Well almost, the bummer about this one is that Quinn can not go, as it is not accessible.  Quinn is fine with not going, as she will be hanging out with Chrissy, Annette, and Ben, and is super excited about that.  

The other very thick envelope is for Easter Seals camp, this camp is accessible for everyone, and there are all kinds of nurses, and counselors who are trained to help make camp fun for everyone no matter how well they move, or are in wheelchairs, or trachs, or heart issues, or what ever special need they might have.  This one is 3 nights, I think, and I was not sure I was ready for Quinn to go just yet.  I know she is ready, but not me.  After thinking about it, I called them to ask if they need any peer helpers and leaders?  They said that would be great.  So next I had to talk to all three kids to see if they would want to all go.  Talking about how most of the kids there would be like kids in Quinn's dance class, great kids that might have braces or wheelchairs or what not.  Isaiah was in right away, no questions, he wanted to go to two camps and have fun and help out.  Denali had a question first.  "Do I have to swim in a dirty lake?"  After hearing she did not, she was all for going as well.  No questions about special needs, how much they would have to help, who would be there, nothing.  I love how my kids simply understand that kids are kids no matter what, and there is really nothing more to do with it.  If only more adults saw it through the same eyes.  Oh, I'm thankful for both these camps already and can't wait for new experiences for all my kids.  Oh summer we are getting excited for you to get here!

Quinn had a doctor appointment in Omaha on Wednesday, which went very well.
We were greeted at home with giggles, love you's, and lots of blankets, as we have been busy making forts like crazy this week.

 I love how Denali is being so silly and Quinn is looking at her, wondering what is she thinking.
Finally it's getting nice out, and Quinn has started her driving practice outside, and it's been so fun to watch her keep improving.  She is amazing, slow, and steady,  improving all the time.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A boy and his dog.

Isaiah decided to pose for pictures if Blue could be in the picture with him.  Oh how I love these two.
A fun Isaiah story, at Sunday school this last weekend, we were talking about Good Friday, and all the things Jesus went through, and the video was a short maybe 7 minute video, and when it was over and we turned the lights on, he was wiping away tears.  He has to let everyone know his eyes must not have blinked and that is why there were the tears, but I know the truth.  I love that he loves to read his bibles, and loves to tell people how he loves God and Jesus.  I love how he understands Good Friday in a way that makes him tear up.  What a great son I have!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Quinn's Dance class started again this week.

After years of dance class, watching these wonderful girls dance, with energetic teachers, amazing helpers, and loving parents, I would think it would become routine. Oh no, I have to stop myself from bawling each time. It's amazing to see all the acceptance, joy, excitement , education, and love out on that dance floor. I am so grateful Quinn and I get to be a part of it. Once again, Thank you all!

To top it off, we also had our amazing therapists come together and order Quinn a new stander, as she is now 43 inches tall.

Wow!  She loves it almost as much as she loves all her therapists.

 I love how Kurt is holding her hand in this picture.

So much to ponder and be grateful for!  Oh I have so many more stories from the week, but only so much time.

To give one more bit of fun...

I had a 2nd grader come up to me today (April 1st).  She looked at me concerned, and said that she thought I should know I am growing a mustache, and thought I should know, so I can take care of it. ................... followed by April Fools! OH KIDS!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This weekend our fun activity was to fancy up the flip flops we are wearing as flower girls this summer.  I know it's a ways away, but looking at our schedule, we need to get things done, because time is flying by.
 Both girls love their new fancy shoes.