Sunday, October 27, 2013

 Well, Quinn is a scarecrow this year!
 She is cute as can be if you ask me!
 Her sense of humor is coming out more and more.
 A full shot of her outfit
 a belly laugh at the bowling alley!
 Dad was Mario to match brothers costume.  Wish you could see him.
 Sisters helping each other bowl!  I love it!  D is a princess.
 One more smile to finish the night.
 our carved pumpkins
and it's not even really Halloween yet, but we have already attended 3 parties!  Phew, I'm exhausted!

Friday, October 25, 2013

I love getting these pictures from school.  
Makes me tear up every time!
I love Quinn's school!
Quinn and her friend Alli!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A bit of pop art for our day.
Quinn was sick all last weekend, but is doing much better now.

I was starting to get worried about Quinn getting her costume for this year.  We ordered it last month, but did not get it until today!  Phew!  Thank goodness it got here, because we have a busy weekend and week coming up!

Here she is from last year, she was a fancy clown, and cute as ever.  Just wait until you see it this year, she is going to be cute as can be!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I love getting surprise emails, they are even better when they are pictures of Quinn at school.  We love Maxey!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Well, it looks like we will have a hard time getting lost, as we leave pretty good tracks.

Here we were putting a kite together with Grandpa Steve.
We had fun flying it, or at least trying to fly it a few times over this weekend.

It was a busy weekend.  We went to Omaha for a night at the hotel, so we could swim and swim.  We also went out to eat.  We went to Spagetti Works, in the Old Market, and it was wonderful.  We sat outside, and talked about our names and how they can change if you get married or adopted.  Pray for us, as things are happening, but I can't get to excited yet, but things are going well for our family!  We also got to listen to a couple guys who were singing on the street corner, and we all loved it, but Quinn really loved it.  We talked about their music for a lot of the night, and Quinn could not get enough.  What a lovely night.  After such a fun dinner, on our walk back to the hotel, Quinn's chair broke.  It simply went from running to hitting a bump, and it was done.  It told us the motor was malfunctioning.  Yikes!  Thankfully the guys at Total took time out of their weekend and got her chair fixed.  Thanks to John for pushing a heavy chair back to the van, and thanks to all three kids for being so patient with the malfunction.  

Quinn swam the least amount of time.  She did not want to swim on Saturday night, instead she was sound asleep much earlier then usual, and Sunday morning she only was in the pool maybe 10 minutes before she was saying brrrrr, and she was all done.  So the two of us hung out as her chair got fixed, and everyone else was in the pool.

Then we went up to Grandma and Grandpa's.  We got to spend one day playing outside, then the next two days it was raining or super cold, so we spent time baking Halloween cookies, cutting out decorations, playing on the computer, or snuggling up and loving on each other.

It was a great way to reconnect and relax.  So now we are ready to start our 2nd quarter of school and get ready for the fun fall weather.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

We love Dr. Sewell, our ENT out of Omaha.  We love him in different ways however.  I love that he truly takes interest in Quinn, and talks to her, and has a great bedside manner.  Quinn however is smitten with him.  When we were waiting to see him, Quinn was telling me all the things she wanted to say to him, and as soon as he walked in the door, her eyes got all glossy and she could not keep her eyes off of him, and did not say a word.  As the above picture shows, she would not look at the camera, but was still trying to look at the doctor.
It was amazing to watch.  To top it off as he was leaving our room, she tried to get him to stay by asking him to read her a book, and that did not work, so she asked if she could sleep in his bed, which is what she goes to when she wants to spend the night at someone's house.  I played it off like she asked me, but she clearly did not.  So now we have to have a talk about boundaries, and how we don't ask our ENT doctor to spend the night at his house.
What a girl, watching her go ga ga over him was so sweet.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our fun story for today.  Quinn was at therapy and we were fixing her Dynovox yet again.  Our little man saw it start working, and in turn saw she was on her alarm page, so he runs over to Quinn, telling her, don't press the alarm, don't press the alarm.  So what does any logical 6 year old do, she presses her alarm, and then belly laughs for a long time, and then turns around as much as she can to look at him grinning from ear to ear!  Oh I love my kids!

Friday, October 4, 2013

 We had parent teacher conferences, and these pictures were outside of Quinn's room.  I love her picture!  It made me smile!
 We also had the carnival at my school, and I took all my kids and so I had my three plus my 402 kids, so it was a fun busy night.  It was so fun to see how my school kids were so excited to meet my family kids.  It was a beautiful night.
bowling!  It's fun to see how much little D helps Quinn.  D would play the game, then she would help Quinn play!  I tell you again, God works in great ways, there is no way I could have prayed to have her love Quinn the way she does.  Our little guy loves her too, but is not into helping her in that way. 

I have to say the fun story for the night, one of the 5th grade boys at my school won this basket of stuffed animals and he said he was to old for stuffed animals and wanted to give it to Quinn.  Quinn was so excited and clung to that basket for the rest of the night,  Quinn said she would share it with her sister.  So I got to talk to my 5th grader and his dad about what a kind act that was, and how he inspired all my kids, and quit a few of us grown ups as well.  
Our little D painted Quinn's cheek, and I think it looks beautiful!
Finally it was John's birthday, and we celebrated lots of ways, one way was at a Japanese Steak house, and the kids all loved it, thanks to the grandparents for helping make the weekend so much fun.