Monday, October 31, 2016

We had our dance costume party and it was so much fun!
 We frosted halloween cookies.
 Denali started out her first event as an 80's exercise dancer.

 Then while the girls went to dance class, Isaiah and Buttercup played together.
 The girls wanted to be twin zombie dancers.

 Then off to dance class we went.

 We love love love DBL dance class!

 Then we had to follow that up with spider buns for school.

So much more to come.  Isaiah is going to be Pikachu.  We also just got back from a wedding!  Busy busy busy!  So thankful for wonderful experiences!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A night at Glacial Hills Winery with Serenity Spa, for their fundraiser for Dancing Beyond Limits.
 They were doing hair!
 and we danced!  The girls loved it!

 We had so much fun!

 It was fun to have lots of friends there!

 One of my favorite pictures!
Their raised over 4,700 dollars!  Amazing!  How blessed DBL is, for so very many reasons!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Love you Uncle Pat!  You will be an amazing Angel!

I listened to hours of information about his fish tanks.  I saw so much love he had for his family.  I saw how he did not need to be the center of attention, but was strong enough to let others have the attention.

My uncle Pat was a strong Christian.  I had talks with him, but nothing like the conversation we had after Quinn’s surgery that did not end well.  He talked to me about how God gave us a platform.  He talked about how God only gives us what we can handle.  He talked to me about how he was praying for us with many of his friends. 

He taught me how to be a parent full of love, and structure.  He taught me how to make it through life, knowing it is not perfect, but faith will help us get through it.

He was humble, honest, loving, and a hard worker.  I am so grateful for him.  I am grateful for his family.  I am grateful for our conversations, and his humble attitude.

 Denali loves Bella!
 Quinn loves Grandma!

 All this family time is exhausting!
 We love you Aunt Pam and will keep praying for you!
 Isaiah loves having all the boys around in Memphis.  
 We love Grandpa.
 Miss Melissa found the most fun place to take pictures.

 Look at our muscles!

 A candy store stop before coming home was a must!
 Then after leaving that store, Denali found a rock sharing she would get free candy at another candy store right down the road, so we had to do that.

 Then back home.  Time with family is priceless, time is so valuable!  We are trying to have all these funerals show us how to live our lives with dignity, respect and lots of fun!
 We had to stop half way back as I had a huge sun in my face headache!  I woke up to this!  I sure love my kids!