Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thanks to Shelley, we have a new painting to go into the house! It's beautiful! Thanks so much Shelley!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here is Quinn working hard with Suzanne and Stacie. She is even multitasking, when she is standing up she is also drinking lemon flavored water. From what I hear, she stood up for over 3 minutes the first time. Yeah Quinn!
Then Chrissy and Quinn found this great swing at the Nebraska City park, that is a modified swing to keep Quinn safe. We use to have some in Lincoln, but I don't know if we do anymore. It would be so nice to have some close by, our backyard would be super nice, but somewhere in Lincoln would be nice too. What a nice day it was to be swinging in the park! What a lucky girl to get to go on fun outing with the Amazing Chrissy! We are so lucky!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quinn has been busy!
She got to hang out with Chrissy and I, as we were painting! It was very windy that day, so we got her rain cover out to help block the wind.
She got to snuggle up with Casey this morning, as she did not have school today.
Then she got to work, with Chrissy to decorate her new scooter, for her to push around, but Chrissy and Quinn decided it needed to be fancied up, and so they were busy today! Phew, after all that hard work, Quinn needed a break, and got to swing in the hammock! What a fun day!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

We have counters, and sinks and plumbing coming in! We have a doorbell and the stairs are looking good! We have lights and electricity coming in! We have been doing a lot of painting! I'm glad it's getting close to being done, because although I'm getting pretty good at it, we have done a lot of painting! Finally we have also starting on a bit of landscaping! Boulders are coming in!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Casey and Quinn have so much fun together! Casey was helping Quinn get some exercise! Thanks to a great mechanics rolly thing, Quinn can now scoot around again. She outgrew her skateboard! What a fun afternoon for these girls!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here she is playing, and also signing to go potty!

What a fun day! Quinn got to go to the park with Chrissy and on the way there, she signed she needed to go potty, Chrissy asked her if she could wait until she got to the park, and she waited, and then went as soon as they got on the potty at the park! YEAH for Quinn, and for Chrissy for helping her out! What a fun day!

and to top it off, Quinn giggles! She does not giggle a lot, but last night, after I scooped her up, I heard that magical sound! Giggles! There is nothing I like to hear more! Except when she uses her voice to say real words, I like that just as much! Giggles however are simply lovely!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Quinn is to funny! If you are willing to be patient and really listen to her or watch her, she can tell you a lot! We were up at 5 this morning due to a yucky cough! Well, we were both wide awake after getting that tickle out, and so we started talking. At first I did not think she wanted to talk, but pretty soon she was answering yes no questions like no ones business. She will raise her left hand for yes, and her right hand for no. I asked her if she was ready for school, and she said "no", she is usually always ready for school, but not today, she was ready for Chrissy's and wanted to stay there all day. It was not a kind of yes or no, but a very strong statement. I love it when we can talk. By the time we got to Chrissy's and I asked again, Quinn said she was ready, but after a moment, she said "no" again, and looked at me and grinned! Oh how I love her, love her personality, her disposition, her attitude, her humor! She is amazing and I'm so lucky she is in my life! What a great way to start a Monday, (minus the coughing and waking up at 5)

To top it off she did better at dance class tonight then she ever has! She did great walking back and forth and back and forth and back and forth! She did more walking in this one night then she has done in weeks! It was a wonderful amazing day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Well, we have been busy!
The weather tried to get us to rethink painting and working on the house today, but it did not win out, well, not right away at least! We did more painting, the tracks are now up! We put up shelves, and we started painting the concrete siding, and I repeat, started painting it! Thanks to all our helpers! We sent a few folks home early, as the lighting and storm warnings started out earlier then we thought they would.

After we got some painting outside done, mother nature decided we were not going to do to much painting for that day.
I started thinking how the storm can relate to so many of our lives. We all have those storms that blow into our lives and create a bit of chaos, but we have to overcome those storms, and it's so nice to have friends who stick with us during those storms! Even though technically we did send some folks home before the really big storm started yesterday, but we are so thankful to everyone for helping as long as they did. Overcoming life's storms no matter what type of storm it is, is something we all need to do, and having friends and family willing to ride the storm with us is wonderful!