Friday, February 28, 2014

Homework time!
The girls have books they have to read for school.  So Denali is helping Quinn with her reading.
Quinn got another great spelling score last week.  Only one wrong.
Say some prayers, we have Quinn's IEP this next week, it's a meeting, and Quinn has a big team, we discuss how Quinn is doing, what we are expecting for next year, and how she can be successful.
It's always a meeting that is hard for me, but we have a good team and so I am hopeful for a great meeting.  Quinn is finally showing folks how talented she is, and that is a big deal.
Reading to Quinn is so good for Denali as well, as it helps her be a better reader, and that is also a big deal, so it's a win win!

Here they are working through math problems together!
Isaiah is not pictured as he was grounded this last week, so he is in his room.  I give him big props, as he has been a champ accepting his consequences, and we all make mistakes, and I think he has learned a lot this last week!  Grounding is over today, and so we will be able to get back to our regular programs!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We are always going to be a part of the KVC family.  So we had to go support them, and eat out!  What a fun night!

We love the saying:

If you can't foster
If you can't sponsor
If you can't volunteer
If you can't donate

We are working hard to do a little of everything!

As to what else is going on, Quinn took over 35 steps for Suzanne, and a few months back, she was not wanting to take more then 5 steps, so yeah!  As for our other two, they are both learning what happens when you are grounded!  They still hear lots of I love you's, and you are better then what you did.  We are ready to learn that now and not later!  Oh I do love my kids!  We did take a day off of being grounded to go out to eat!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

 I got a picture sent to me from Quinn's teacher.  Once again, her classmates helping her learn.
Then onto therapy.  It was a calm day there, so we got to get a little excited.
Oh, O do I ever love my family!

We also had parent teacher conferences, they went ok!

We would love any suggestions to help Denali learn her basic words.  We are trying all kinds of things, without making it totally horrible for her, but we are struggling with those words!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Late Happy Valentines Day!

We started off by naming it pink day.

We started off with strawberry smoothies.
Then on to pink cupcakes.
 While they were baking, we read Pinkalishious.
Then we took a break from the Pink, and went to see the Lego movie.

Denali gave it two thumbs up.  She said her favorite part was, the secret part that we did not expect.  I have to agree that was my favorite part as well.  I will also give it two thumbs up.  A few surprises made it really good.
 Quinn gave it two thumbs up as good sleeping sounds, as she fell asleep as soon as we got in there and woke up as we were leaving.
 Isaiah gave it two thumbs up and said his favorite part was the whole thing.
So to everyone, have a great Valentine weekend!  We sure are!  
The weather is helping out as well, as it's beautiful outside!
and our house smells like strawberry cake!  Yummy!

Everything is AWESOME!  :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

After dance class, we stopped by the gym at Madonna to watch a little basketball, as a tournament was going on.  I love my kids.  Denali asked questions like how do they score (we don't play much basketball), why do some of them have red shirts, who is winning, look a girl is playing, wow, even the coach is in a wheel chair.
Great questions!  She also had to share with some of the crowd how her sister is in a wheelchair.

I love how it was not a big deal they were in wheelchairs at all.  She was more interested in the game!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Friday was book report day for 1st graders at Maxey.

Here is Quinn sharing her report with her teacher, Ms. Meyer.
Quinn had a lot of folks there to see her give her report and it got so loud, and Quinn kept looking around at everyone, and totally got nervous.  Chrissy stepped in and asked her if it was to loud and if she wanted to have her ears covered up, Quinn said yes, and as soon as Chrissy covered Quinn's ears, Quinn started telling us her story.  Oh Chrissy, we learn so much from you.  Thanks!
After the large group of folks moved away, parents were to switch up and listen to other kids.  I've said how I love Quinn's class, as Chrissy and Grandma Martha and I switched up and listened to other kids, they all told us that Quinn was one of their best friends.  Well their parents are following in step.  When the group of teachers and therapists moved on, and Quinn was by herself for a few seconds, a parent came over and asked Quinn if she could hear her report.  It was calmer and quieter at this time, and Quinn looked around, calmed down, and shared her entire report with her.  It was so good to see. Then once we picked up Isaiah and got out to the car, Quinn shared her report with all of us about 7 times in a row, with no stops.  We all now know a lot about dolphins.

Talking about how much I love the kids in Quinn's class, I think we must have 20 of these bracelets the kids make for her, but this one just came home with her name on it.  Oh, I am so thankful for her classmates who love her so.

 Denali is equally shy.  She started sharing her report about polar bears with me, and I had to ask her to speak up a few times.  This girl is so outgoing some minutes and so shy other moments.  Grandma and Chrissy thanks for listening to the reports, the kids worked very hard on them.
 After listening to such great reports we were off to dance class, and Isaiah finally has his tap shoes.  He was so excited to get to class, it's nice to see him going from being a bit unsure of himself to being so excited and seeing the confidence coming out is wonderful.

 OH Tap, I've always loved you, and now we have a tapper, Isaiah I love it that you have not given up and stuck with it, it's great to see you excited about dance.  Denali has already decide she wants to start tap next year.

Monday, February 3, 2014

All three kids are now in dance class.
Isaiah is in a hip hop class, and a tap class.
This is so good for him.  Get some confidence and a little rhythm.  
Denali is in ballet and hip hop.

Oh, dance is so good for them.
I've posted tons of Quinn dancing, so she gets a break this time.

What a weekend.
We started by going out to lunch on Saturday, and we can't just be regular, so when Isaiah says "mom take a picture", I will take a picture.
Then we went to a camper show, 
We got to see Twiggy, the water skiing squirrel,   who really was skiing.

 There was a petting zoo, and the sheep was loving the lights on Quinn's shoe.

 We also saw a dog show.  

Then we did some trout fishing, where all three kids caught a fish.
We had been there for hours by now, and you can tell Quinn was exhausted.

 Wow, what a day!  With it being so cold, it was so nice to be able to get out and walk and check out so many things.  Sunday we were all exhausted, but Saturday was a wonderful day.