Monday, June 19, 2017

Summer school has started.
Quinn started off well, and is working hard with her teacher.
I love to hear this, as new folks might believe
her act that she is not as smart as she really is.
 My other two are having fun learning as well!  #meanest mom ever!
 Quinn and Chrissy are working on accessing a computer and once we get her new wheelchair, I think things will go better.  She is sick of getting in her current chair, and tries her best to get out when she gets into it.  She is giving herself a bruise on her knee from smacking it against her pole for her computer.
 She has also had some seizure activity lately.  That is common for kids who are growing, and kids that are growing up and maturing.  So she has had some shakes and her eyes have been dancing around a few times.  
 She had to have over 6 pokes and we had to go to two locations.  Oh she is so tough!  Denali had a harder time watching her.  Denali would pace the room, ask a million questions, and want to be right there to comfort Quinn, but then would have to leave for a moment to regain her composure.  Oh those girls are so good to each other.
After a morning of pokes, the van stopped working when we got to therapy.  I thought I was handing things pretty good, but I got a you look like you need a shake, shake out of the deal, and good people helped me out, and I now can change a battery!  So I am reminded to be thankful for the small things.  Summer has been so good to regroup and rest and read, and so on.

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