Friday, August 11, 2017

Yikes, how is the time flying by so fast.  School starts next week, so we have been busy.  I am back in my classroom, and I always wonder this time of year, how did I parent, and taxi my kids, and educate them, and give them learning opportunities, and take them to appointments and therapy and play with friends, and read with them, and play with them, and go for walks, and teach school at the same time. I have to get back into some organization and no more afternoon naps with the girls and the dog.

So Isaiah had his open house first.  He opened the elementary school last year, and he got to open the middle school this year.  So LPS better get busy and get a high school going so he can open it in a few years.

Isaiah is a kid that would be happy to live life at home with a book, an electronic, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and the dog.  This is his perfect life, and he got a lot of that this last week.
So he is nervous for middle school, as he should be, as all the kids are.  He already has his lock figured out, and is excited for Spanish class.  So it's a start.

 the girls had their open house as well, and things are going so well.  The girls are excited to be back. It took Quinn a little more time to find the love, Denali has been excited for weeks.
 When Quinn got to school, she finally did start to get excited, she saw one of her teachers and was so happy and giggled and it made my heart so happy.
For Quinn we set up an extra meeting ahead of school starting for her team to learn about her chair, her personality, her technology, and help learn how to move her out of her chair and things like that.
We are so excited to have our same nurses back!  We love love love our nurses.
We are also getting back some teachers, and para's and our new teachers are kind and so willing to learn and help Quinn succeed!
Thank you to all these wonderful people and the school staff.
I know I want a lot for her.  She is an amazing kid, and I want amazing things for all my kids, (students included)  so I know I can be a bit over the top at times, but I want every possibility for for my kids to succeed!  As any parent would! :)
So thank you teachers, nurses, para's, all support staff.  We are grateful for the janitor coming over and chatting with Quinn before the meeting!  We are grateful for all of you.  I sit here and want to cry again.  I am sharing my love, my children are everything to me.  I try so hard to give them everything I can to help them be successful.  Not things, but experiences, therapy sessions, life lessons, being grounded, good life stores, lots of love and trying my best to send them down the best path.  So sharing them is hard for me, along with many other parents.  I think about that with my students at school.  Each one of them is a treasure, and I am grateful to have a part in their life, so please be gentle with my three.  If Isaiah forgets his locker combination, please be kind.  If Denali talks to her friend for the 27th time in the day, and then gives you the sweetest smile, please give her a consequence and help her learn, but be kind.  When Quinn acts like a bump, and just wants to watch her classmates, and does not want to do her job.  Please love her up.  Hold her accountable, but be gentle.  These kids are amazing, and sharing them is not always easy!  It's needed, and we are grateful, just know they are treasures!

Whew, it's been a long week, and I am obviously overly emotional!
Good luck students and staff!

I pray it will be an amazing year!

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