Sunday, July 16, 2017

Another busy summer week has flown by.
We started by dropping Isaiah off at Science Camp.
We stopped by Mahoney first and did some golf and peddle boats.

 That was a fun morning!

 I did good to wear them out.  Then we dropped Isaiah off.  He is not my picture kiddo, so I did not make him take any pictures.

 So it was a girls week at home, especially when dad was at work.
 Nurse Amanda, Quinn and Denali had a slumber party.  Well that was the plan until Quinn fell asleep 15 minutes into the fun.  She is usually up a few hours with Amanda, but when they plan for a night of fun, she was so excited she did not take a nap during the day, and missed most of the fun.
 Here is what I woke up to, two girls sound asleep in the living room.  If you look the dog was also sound asleep with them.
 We still did our therapy sessions.
 and before we knew it, we were picking Isaiah up from camp.  Here is a favorite counselor.  He had fun.  His highlights were Worlds of Fun, swimming, Gaga ball, and spending time learning about God.
 Then back to Saturday Soccer, friends, bible studies, and lots of love.

Oh we love love love summer!

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