Thursday, July 27, 2017

We went to the Pierce County Fair,
and it was fun!
 We went to Pig Wrestling.  The kids have all said they don't ever want to do that again.
Denali does not want to do it, because she thinks it is to mean to the pigs, and she did not like to hear them crying.
Quinn said it was to hot and the pigs screams were to loud.
Isaiah said it was to dirty.  The wrestlers would flop in the pig poop mud water and it would splash on him.
So I guess that was our pig wrestling experience.
We are more then ready for pig races that have no mud and oreo cookies for the winning pig.

 We had to give lots of love to each other, as the week before this, the kids were at camp, and Quinn missed them so much.  So much in fact that she was sick at the end of the week, but as soon as she saw the kids, she was just fine again.
 This is how the whole fair went.  Denali would ask to touch every animal, and the other two did not want to get dirty or ask to pet anything.  We did take Quinn's new chair, and got it all dirty with all kinds of gross stuff.  So we have already had to clean it.
 Denali loved seeing pigs like this instead.  She is a pig lover!
 We watched ATV races.
 Played with the animals.
 Checked out the machines.

 and ended the night with the demolition derby.  
 A fun recap.  It was warm, and it tired out my kids, and exhausted them!

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