Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I mentioned how the kids got back from Royal Camp.
They got back with lots of new stuff, and our home went from clean to
cluttered within moments.

 The kids also came back with photo's from camp.  So fun.

 They got to dress up for a party one day, and then they got served dinner fancy style and everything.
 Denali tried a few times to do the zip line, but did not get it done this time, but good for her for getting up there two different times to try it.
 Isaiah's wonderful painting!
 Denali's cool painting!

 They rode horses.
 Went swimming.

 Oh I love these two pictures of Isaiah.

 Isaiah all dressed up!
 Isaiah got the award for being such a great listener.
 Denali got the award for being brave and being willing to pray.
 A couple grouping of pictures too.
 What an amazing camp.
 Quinn kept working hard on her driving while they were gone.
 Just look at that giggle, it's hard work, but so worth it!

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